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Surviving Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy has passed, but many people have lost their homes. Others, more fortunate, are without electricity, heat, hot water, etc. things we all take for granted.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to have escaped unscathed, can breathe a sigh of relief  and  offer a prayer of gratitude to Lord.

It behoves us to try to do something to help those hardest hit by the Hurricane. So we have decided to donate all the proceeds from the sale of these Hurricane Sandy  shirts to the American Red Cross.

 I Thank the Lord for Saving Me and My Family.

Thank the Lord for surviving in the face of great dangers.

Sandy was a heck of a storm.

Fortunate to survive one of the biggest hurricanes to hit the U.S.

I'm  privileged to have survived Hurricane Sandy.

A truly grateful survivor.

These shirts are available in a variety of styles and colors. Sizes range from newborn to plus so all members of the family, including the dog, can wear them. Remember all JewTee products come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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2012 Election Buzz


At this point, you’ve probably decided which candidate to vote for in the 2012 presidential elections. Some people like to keep their voting preferences to themselves. Others like to publicly support their candidate. If you like to publicly support your candidate, then we’ve got good news for you. JewTee has t shirts , dog shirts and gifts promoting each of the candidates. Here are some examples:

Political T Shirts and Gifts 

For Jewish Mitt supporters

Show Barack is the candidate you support.

Proclaim your support for Obama’s reelection with this rhyming Hebrew Only Barack ringer in red white and blue.

Everyone Supports Mitt

Show your support for Mitt with this Hebrew Mitt dog t shirt. Also available as a dog hoodie and as dog tags.

Proclaim your support for the Obama Biden ticket.

Show the world whom you are supporting in the 2012 elections with this Hebrew Obama Biden Tote Bag.

For additional Obama and Romney  designs on t shirts, dog shirts and gifts check out

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