My First Thanksgivukkah T Shirts and Gifts

Shalom Y”all:

I said I would not create anymore Thanksgivukkah designs, but I couldn’t resist doing just one more. Since this is the first Thanksgivukkah most of us will experience (the last one was in 1861 or 1888, depending on which story you believe), I felt it behooved me to create this “My First Thanksgivukkah” design. Incidentally, depending again on whom you believe, the next one will be either in 2070 or in 79,043, or in 79,811. You’d think by now mathematicians, or their computers, would be able to agree on the date. Oh well.

Here’s “My First Thanksgivukah” design:

My First Thanksgivukkah Shirt

Enjoy the Turkey and Latkes!

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Note: All JewTee products come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

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