Pardon Pollard Now

Shalom Y’All:

It’s been a while since my last post and I’ve been doing some thinking. I know most people are not really interested in reading just about new Jewish t shirt designs. So I’ve decided to turn this blog into a forum for discussing issues,  especially those of interest to Jews, and for showcasing interesting Jewish stories, books, pictures and personalities. Of course, if I create a design relating to a post, I’ll feature it. But that will just be the icing on the cake.

Today’s topic is a serious one- the continued incarceration of Jonathan Pollard  (he’s currently in his 29th year of imprisonment) for passing classified information to an ally a crime for which most people serve 2-4 years. He was NOT convicted of treason-which is passing classified information to an ENEMY!

Let me put this another way. Jonathan Pollard, despite his  plea deal with the government, is the only person ever to have received the maximum punishment for his crime- life imprisonment

The United States recently asked Israel to release over 100 prisoners in its jails, many of whom are guilty of having murdered Jews, as a sign of good will towards the Palestinians. These criminals murdered people, but they are being set free and receiving a hero’s welcome when they return to their homes. Obviously, family members of their victims, as well as other Israeli citizens, are very upset at the release, since not only have these men committed murder, but they will try to kill additional Jews if they can. It’s like releasing those convicted in taking part in the 9/11 massacre as a good will gesture towards Saudi Arabia or Iran, except of course neither of these countries have sworn to destroy the United States.

However, Pollard, whose crime did not kill a single person, is still being held in prison.

Recent disclosures show a pattern of US spying on Israel, including surveillance of former Israeli Prime Ministers. Of course countries spy on each other. That ‘s part of the international game of intelligence. However, usually those caught spying for an ally are given short sentences of 2-4 years and then released.  Pollard is the only one ever to have received a sentence of life imprisonment for spying for an ally. The sentence for this crime is currently capped at ten years, showing that the government does not think this crime deserves life imprisonment.

Pollard agreed to plead guilty to one count of passing information to an ally to avoid life imprisonment. However, the judge, in violation of the plea agreement, sentenced Pollard to life imprisonment. Totally unbelievably, Pollard’s lawyer never appealed the sentence, thus sealing Pollard’s fate.

The list of those recommending Pollard be freed include: former CIA Director James Woolsey, Angelo Codevilla- a senior staffer on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee at the time of  Pollard’s arrest in 1985,  former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz, former CIA Director James Woolsey, William Webster, who headed the FBI at the time of Pollard’s arrest, etc.

Let’s summarize. Obama pressured Israel to free prisoners convicted of killing Israelis and Obama had the US spy on Israel, an ally. Pollard has expressed regret for his actions, which did not kill a single American,  and has been in jail about seven times longer than those convicted of spying for allies and longer than others convicted of spying for such countries as Saudi Arabia, home of the 9/11 hijackers, and China.

The continued incarceration of Jonathan Pollard is not only wasting taxpayers money, but is a blight on the American justice system. Enough is enough.  Pollard’s more than done his time. Now’s the time to set him free.  Free Pollard now! 

If you agree, please call the White House at: 202-456-1111, or 202-456-1414, or write a letter toPresident Obama at:

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20500

You can email if you want, but emails are not very effective.


UPDATE: An Iranian engineer who worked for a U. S. defense contractor was recently given a 10 year sentence for spying for  Iran, an ENEMY. Yet Pollard is serving his 29th year in prison for spying for an ALLY. Is this just?

Free Pollard now!

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