Ed Koch

Ed Koch Remembered


Today I would like to pay tribute to Edward Koch, who served as the 105th Mayor of New York City, from 1978 to 1989. Although he was not an Observant Jew, he was very proud of his Jewishness and made no attempts to hide his origins.

He was the quintessential New Yorker and helped New York through some very rough times. He was honest, brash and spoke his mind, rare qualities in today’s times. He will be missed by all.

This poster displays some of his famous witticisms. The statement re his Jewishness was said by Daniel Pearl before he was executed by terrorists. Koch chose to have those words engraved on his tombstone.

I've got chutzpah!

I’ve got chutzpah!

To read more about Ed Koch’s Jewish activism, click here.

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