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Susie Fishbein At Pomegranate

Shalom Y”All:

A healthy, happy and sweet New Year to all.   

I thought the first blog of the new year should be peaceful and light.  Although there is mounting tension around the globe, and maybe because of that, we spend lots of time in the kitchen. After all, we are not just a people of the Book. We are a culture that values traditions and much of the tradition is tied to the kitchen.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that more than 100 people gathered on September 30, 2014, at Pomegranate in Brooklyn NY, to learn from Susie Fishbein, author of Kosher by Design Cooking Coach and a number of other cookbooks.

Susie Fishbein At Pomegranate

A Kosher Cooking Demo At Pomegranate                                         Supermarket                              

Pomegranate is just like any other upscale Brooklyn supermarket, but with one important distinction. Like others, it has a large selection of take out foods -from soups, to sauces, to main courses- for those with little time to cook, For the cook who wants to put it all together but has little prep time, Pomegranate features fruits and vegetables already washed, diced, and sliced and ready for use. But, unlike the others, the entire store is 100% kosher.

As a service to the community and to its shoppers, Pomegranate offers occasional free educational cooking demonstrations, This past Tuesday night, about a week before the Sukkkot cooking marathon, Ms. Fishbein delivered a 45 minute cooking presentation filled with down to earth real talk, lovely and delicious looking food, explanations that even a novice could follow, and Q & A session.

Susie Fishbein

                 Susie Fishbein Talks Kosher

Ms. Fishbein showed us how to make Asian Mushroom Top of the Rib, Dried Fruit & Quinoa Stuffed Capons, as well as a Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato Spinach Galette. If you, like many in the audience, don’t know what a galette is, it’s a round flat pastry or pancake filled with vegetables, meat, or other foods, similar to a tart.

Susie Fishbein's  Galette

A Culinary Feast For the Eyes and Stomach

Fishbein’s warm charming personality in this multi-sensory presentation made it part cooking demo and part just  friendly  conversation with the audience. She shared stories of her own family’s eating habits and she literally spoon fed us on new ways to prepare traditional or well known foods. She also recommended that we purchase a 14” frying pan, preferably containing three layers- two of stainless steel with an aluminum layer in the center, to sear large pieces of meat,

At the end of the presentation, everyone got a tasting plate of the three dishes she had prepared.

Kosher Food Is Heavenly

Hm Hm Good!

To make replicating these recipes even easier, aisle numbers for the food items used in the demonstration were listed on the recipes.

Kudos to Pomegranate.

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Passover in Israel

Shalom Y’All;

I just spent my first Passover In Israel. Needless to say, it differed in many ways from Passover in the USA.

For one thing, there is only one seder. This is both good and bad. The good part is that much less cooking is required for one seder and one day, than for two seders and two days. There is also one more intermediate day for enjoying outings with the family.

The bad part- often everyone is so tired from all the pre Passover cleaning, cooking and shopping, that they are too tired to enjoy the seder. By the time the second seder rolls around, everyone has had a chance to rest and regain their energy. So they are able to enjoy the seder. Also, many Jewish schools give the kids lots of Passover stories, questions and explanations, to recite during the seder. Having two seders allows much more time for the kids to display their knowledge.

During the intermediate days, many offices and stores are closed, as are the schools. So families spend the time hiking and camping at the national parks and going to the beach.

Eating out is another common pastime during the intermediate days. In America, very few Kosher restaurants are open for Passover. In Israel, many are. The dishes they serve are amazing. One can buy Kosher for Passover hamburgers on potato flour buns, potato starch rolls, pizza made with potato flour, potato starch french toast, pasta made of potato flour, etc. In fact, the dishes look so real that when I first saw them, I thought they were made of real flour. Only the Kosher for Passover certification of these stores convinced me that the food was not made with leaven.

Here are a few pictures to prove my point:

How Real It Looks

Yum Yum.

Can you tell the difference?

Looks Like The Real Thing


How sweet it is.


For  those who eat Kitniyot (legumes or grains such as corn, peas, mustard seed, soy and all varieties of beans) on Passover, the choice of foods is much greater. Chinese food take out stores feature soy based dishes and imitation noodles and other establishments carry all types of  hummus. Judging by the crowds devouring the food, it must have been quite tasty.

So if you truly want to actualize the “Next Year in Jerusalem” phrase contained in the Passover Haggadah, make plans for being in Israel next Passover. You won’t be sorry!

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