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Jewish Father’s Day Shirts


My husband is in Israel for two months on business, so I decided to join him. I will be including pictures of Israel in my blog during my stay.

We’re currently in Beit Shemesh, a town between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv populated by Israelis, Ethiopians and Americans. We’ve been to Jerusalem once, but haven’t managed to get to the Wailing Wall yet.

Here’s a photo of the late afternoon Jerusalem sun on a building.

Jerusalem Apartments

Oh the glorious Jerusalem sun.

Israel doesn’t observe Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. But since Father’s Day will soon be celebrated in America, here are a few Father’s Day shirts and gifts from our collection at JewTee.

World's Greatest Abba

The World’s Greatest Abba

World's Best Tatte

We Love Tatte!

It Takes a Real Man To Be A Daddy

It Takes a Real Man To Be A Daddy

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