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Chanukah Hanukkah Beginning in About Two Weeks

Shalom Y’all:

Chanukah Hanukkah is almost here. We light the first candle on the evening of December 6. For you last minuters, these bibs, onesies, t shirts and sweatshirts for kids are great gifts.

Hanukkah kids Maccabee Hoodie

Let’s Go Maccabees!

My First Chanukah Bib

Light the lights.

Hanukkah Dreidel Onesie

Spin the Dreidel.

Mommy's Latke Chanukah Hanukkah Sweatshirt

A real delight!

Dreidel Champ T Shirt

The best.

To see JewTee’s entire collection of Chanukah Hanukkah shirts, bibs, onesies, and gifts for kids and adults, click here.

In this midst of all last week’s horror, a bit of good news: Jonathan Pollard, the convicted American spy accused of passing secret information to Israel, was finally released this past Friday after thirty years in jail. But his troubles are far from over. He has to stay in the United States for the next five years and check in regularly with his parole officer. Furthermore, just to make sure he does not attempt to escape from  America, he is required to wear an electronic bracelet at all times.

Originally, he was not allowed to have any internet access (in today’s world that’s an information blackout), but his pro bono lawyers managed to allow him access if his computer usage is monitored at all times. This would include any computer he uses during the course of his employment. Needless to say, no employer would agree to have its computers monitored. He was offered a job as an analyst in a financial firm, but obviously he will not be able to accept the job offer if his work computer is monitored.

His lawyers have appealed these conditions and a hearing is expected to be held this coming week in a New York court. HIs lawyers, Eliot Lauer and Jacques Semmelman have called these conditions unreasonable, vindictive and unlawful. They say there is no reason to monitor Pollard because, after thirty years, he has no information that would be valuable to anyone. Furthermore, his disclosure of this stale information would result in a quick return to jail to serve out the rest of his life sentence.  This type of monitoring is generally used only for pedophiles, stalkers and those who are a danger to others. Pollard certainly does not fall into this category.

Two New York Congressmen, Eliot Engel and Jerrold Nadler asked US Attorney- General Loretta Lynch to allow Pollard to move to Israel if he renounces his American citizenship, like the Cuban spy who was allowed to return to Cuba after he renounced his American citizenship. No word yet on her response.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu asked President Obama to intervene to allow Pollard to go to Israel, but the President said he will not intervene.

One day all the facts in this strange case will come to light. Starting with the judge’s decision to hand down a life sentence for a crime which is usually punished with two to four years jail time, to the government’s failure to live up to its promises on the plea deal, to his Lebanese attorney’s failure to file a timely appeal to the life sentence, to the failure to obtain parole much earlier, the book on this case will be a runaway best seller. However, the likelihood it will be written and published anytime soon is quite remote.

At least Pollard is out of jail and can live relatively freely now.

Update: Pollard is under a house curfew from 7AM to 7PM every day. This means he cannot leave the house to go to synagogue before 7AM and after 7PM. Furthermore, he cannot accept dinner invitations on weekdays or the Sabbath that will entail his return to the house after 7PM.

As if this were not bad enough, even when he is allowed out- between 7AM and 7PM he is only permitted to go to a small area within New York City. This despite the fact that he is obligated to wear his GPS bracelet 24/7.

Since not only will his home computer be monitored, but his business computer as well, his prospective employer has withdrawn the job offer since that business, and any other business as well, does not want the government constantly monitoring its communications and actions.

This is freedom?






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My First Hanukkah Chanukah Onesies

Shalom Y’All:

Chanukah Hanukkah is getting closer by the day. There are only 25 days left till the lighting of the first Chanukah candle.

Everyone’s all excited about Thanksgivukkah. That’s understandable since it’s a once in a lifetime event. But while Thanksgivukkah falls on the first day of Chanukah, the first Hanukkah candle is actually lit the night before , on Wednesday, November 27.  Furthermore, Thanksgivukkah is one day while Hanukkah is eight days. So starting with this post, I’ll be featuring JewTee’s collection of Chanukah Hanukkah t shirts and gifts.

(To see our Thanksgivukkah collection, click here.)

For Chanukah Hanukkah we mainly buy gifts for the kids. So I’d like to start by featuring a few of JewTee’s most popular My First Chanukah Hanukkah onesies. Here they are:

My First Hanukkah onesie

Light the lights.

My FIrst Hanukkah Onesie

Do the Dreidel Dance!

My First Hanukkah Onesie

Home Sweet Home

Like these designs? They’re also available on infant t shirts, sweatshirts, hats, blankets, bibs and gifts for babies and kids.  See our entire Hanukkah baby and kids collection here.

Remember. all JewTee products come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.


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Thanksgivukkah Aprons By JewTee

Shalom Y’All:

Here are a few  of our Thanksgivukkah aprons:

Thanksgivukkah Apron

Talking Turkey

Eat Latkes Thanksgivukkah  Apron


Give Thanks Thanksgivukkah Apron

Give Thanks!

These designs are also on t shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, hoodies, pajamas, hats, mugs, buttons and novelty gifts. To see these and all of JewTee’s other Thanksgivukkah products, click here.

Interested in more traditional Chanukah Hanukkah t shirts, gifts and cards? Click here to see JewTee’s collection.

Remember, all JewTee products come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.


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Thanksgivukkah T Shirts and Gifts Part 3

Shalom Y’All:

Yup. We’re still creating more Thanksgivukkah t shirts and gifts.  Here are another two:

Happy Thanksgivukkah

Happy Thanksgivukkah 2013

Happy Thanksgivukkah 2013 Journal

Enjoy Thanksgivukkah 2013!

These designs also come on shirts, t shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, pajamas, hats, mugs, aprons and novelty gifts.

Want additional choices? See our entire Thanksgivukkah collection here. 

Remember. all our products come with a  30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

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Pray For Jerusalem

Shalom Y’all:

Sadly, Chanukah Hanukkah has ended. But it’s always a good time to add some decorative element to you walls. These Framed Tiles are inexpensive, but would look great hung in almost every room.

Here are our favorites:

Pray for Jerusalem T Shirts and Gifts

Pray for Jerusalem!

Indivisible Jerusalem T Shirts and Novelty Gifts

One City One People

These designs appears on many other products including t shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs , aprons and novelty gifts.

To see our entire collection of Israel designs, click here.

Shop with confidence as all our products have a 30 day money back guarantee.



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Latke Hanukkah T Shirts and Gifts

Chanukah Hanukkah is just 16 days away.

Today is Thanksgiving and since  a large part of  the Thanksgiving ritual is eating, we’ll feature a Chanukah food-Latkes. We’ll also show you our Hebrew Thanksgiving mug.

Our best selling Latke shirts, aprons, and hats:

Real Men Make Latkes

And they taste great!

Latke Lover

You don’t have to be Latin to Love Latkes

Latke Chef

Mm Mm Good.

Got Latkes

Gimme Gimme

These designs comes in many styles, colors and sizes. All have matching hats. All come with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Finally, our Hebrew Thanksgiving design:

Hebrew Happy Thanksgiving

Betayavon! Hearty appetite in Hebrew.

This design is also available on t shirts, hats and aprons.

To see all our Chanukah Hanukkah designs, click here.

To se all designs, click here.


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2012 Election Buzz


At this point, you’ve probably decided which candidate to vote for in the 2012 presidential elections. Some people like to keep their voting preferences to themselves. Others like to publicly support their candidate. If you like to publicly support your candidate, then we’ve got good news for you. JewTee has t shirts , dog shirts and gifts promoting each of the candidates. Here are some examples:

Political T Shirts and Gifts 

For Jewish Mitt supporters

Show Barack is the candidate you support.

Proclaim your support for Obama’s reelection with this rhyming Hebrew Only Barack ringer in red white and blue.

Everyone Supports Mitt

Show your support for Mitt with this Hebrew Mitt dog t shirt. Also available as a dog hoodie and as dog tags.

Proclaim your support for the Obama Biden ticket.

Show the world whom you are supporting in the 2012 elections with this Hebrew Obama Biden Tote Bag.

For additional Obama and Romney  designs on t shirts, dog shirts and gifts check out

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